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What do you think about the on-line "Guide Magazine"?  Which part was the BEST?

Caption the Cartoon
You get to write what the cartoon is all about and see what others have written.  We will have to try a few of these ourselves.  I like the one of the guy with the the mega Ipod!

Story Vault
Sometimes, a Guide magazine doesn't seem long enough to last all week. So get online and enjoy bonus pages. 

Game Launch
Online games for every day of the week.  We tried Shoot the Numbers Bible Game.  OK we did not do too well.  Not only do you need to know the answers, you need the skill to keep up.

Newest Prayers
Teens have problems too, and would like prayer. You may want to say a prayer for this request and respond with a word of encouragement.
Here is a current request

My family could really use your prayers. We found out a few days ago that my Aunt has cancer! It has been going on for too long and the doctors are not able to remove it! So if you could please pray for us to get through this it would be really great! Thanks!

See you around on our on-line Guide site.

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