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Zamar White - Great Things are Happening at Purvis Primary School
Every Wednesday from 1:30p.m. – 2:30p.m., Purvis Primary students engage in a programme called the Micro-Society, where the school turns into a mini city run by the students.
One of these students is Zamar White. Zamar “acts” as a lawyer. He has won several of his “cases.” He assures us, he intends to continue to do so, until the end of the school year. Zamar, dressed in a red robe, along with other “lawyers” even attended a session in Traffic Court, at the lower court, the Magistrates Court. He was also featured in School Times, a Ministry of Education newsletter. (See his mom to view the photos.)
Zamar is to be commended on his meticulous presentation to the “courts,” his attention to details, the care and concern he extends to “clients,” and his overall character of honesty and fairness. He is an inspiration to his peers and continuously shares his faith as a child of God. Way to Go Zamar!

Sophia Hamilton - 2008 Bermuda Annual Exhibition
On the third Thursday, Friday and Saturday in April, Bermuda’s population of seniors, middle-aged, young adults, youth, teenagers, primary and preschool children, toddlers, babies, along with visitors/tourists can be found at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens for the Annual Exhibition or as we said “back in the day” the Ag Show or some pronounced it “Egg” Show.
This year’s event was even more special for a ten year-old student of Dalton E. Tucker Primary School, formally Southampton Glebe School. Sophia Hamilton choose to enter the exhibition and she walked away, smiling, as a winner.
She received four first place ribbons, two second place ribbons, three third place ribbons and two highly commended ribbons. Her entries included: parsley, oatmeal bread, oregano, a potted plant, Anthuriums, fresh peppermint, sugar cane and cut flowers.
Well done Sophia! She is on her way to a self-maintained life style and is carrying out the message God has prepared for His children.

Clevon Cunningham - 2008 Student of Excellence from Port Royal Primary School
On Saturday, 14 June, the Ministry of Education hosted an awards breakfast at the Fairmont Southampton Resort for the 2008 Student of Excellence. These students
were honoured with a programme designed especially for them.  Students are selected from the Government/Public schools. The criteria required
to be a student of excellence: academics, deportment, attendance, involvement in school activities, and role model.
The Port Royal Primary School 2008 Student of Excellence was Clevon Cunningham, Jr. This student is the Head Boy and is very helpful to the younger students and his classmates. He is focused and can be counted on to make good choices and to do the right thing. His teacher used these adjectives to describe him – clever, caring, considerate and cooperative.
It is because of his faith and making the right choices. “CJ” was not present to hear his profile or to receive his awards from Minister Horton. He choose to be at church, in his Sabbath School class and he wanted to participate in class activities and in the discussion about the Sabbath School lesson.
Congratulations “CJ” for this award and also for keeping the Sabbath and having faith in God.