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Personal Ministries

Personal Ministries Goals 2009

Spiritual Growth

  • Increase the percentage of church members spending time in daily Bible study and prayer.

Personal Witness

  • Encourage every member to reach at least one person for Jesus and bring them into fellowship with God’s family by the end of the year.

Tract/Literature Distribution

  • Help us share the gospel message of Jesus’ second coming by distributing tracts/literature every 3rd Sabbath every other month.

Visitation Ministry

  • Come join us as we visit the Rest Homes and other establishments every first Sabbath of the month.

Evangelistic Programming

  • Involve each member in at least one annual evangelistic event.

Media Ministry

  • Creatively use technology and communication channels - radio, television, the internet and publications to reach every person locally and globally with the gospel.

Invitation Outreach

  • Challenge church members to take ownership of inviting people to church through mailing invitations, telephone calls and personal visits.