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Abstinence - Avoiding STD's
by Ryan Gibbons - April 2009

This article covers a subject that I find very serious, and is mainly for youth thirteen years or older. Last summer, I attended a church youth session where trained adults discussed with us the subject of sexual morality and abstinence. Also, we were told about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), the very worst and most serious of all- not even really a disease - “Sexually Transmitted Demons”. The group discussed the fact that if you have sex with someone who has been involved in witchcraft, devil worship, or the occult, then you are automatically involved in those things too.

I was already blown out of the water to find out that if you have intercourse with someone who has been intimate with fifty different people, you have in effect had intercourse with those fifty people too! Also, you automatically have a great chance of catching a variety of STDs.

I don’t know about you, but this information convinces me even more to wait till I am married for sexual activity. How about you? Tell me.

Are you being pressured by your peers to lose your virginity? Do you feel that you have to prove your masculinity or keep your ‘BFF’ relationship(s) by supporting/having premarital sex? Do you think that kind of temporary fun is worth the risk? Discuss sure ways to keep STDs from your present and your future.